Food Waste Management Solutions

Commercial food waste collections

We provide food waste management solutions working with you to actively promote the segregation of food waste from other waste streams. Food waste is recycled and used for energy recovery.

We provide a food recycling collection service, for restaurants, hotels, cafes etc and all managed for you.

Benefits of food waste recycling

Segregating your food waste from general waste gives two benefits:
  • Reduces the weight of the general waste bins so there are no extra charges for overweight in the bins
  • Allows you to measure the amount of food waste being generated so you can look at your processes and make efficiency changes.
Food is recycled to create electricity which is then used for producing more food.

Food waste collection

We supply 240-litre bins for the storage and collection of recycling food waste. On the collection of the food waste, you will receive a waste transfer note, on disposal and invoicing you will receive a copy of the weighbridge ticket for your records and to show the weight and disposal point. CDDL offer a quarterly report on all tonnages handled on your behalf.

Our Process

Contact us with your waste food enquiries
We will visit your site to view and understand the food waste you produce.
We will quote and if accepted install the required containers for you to store the waste food in until it is disposed of.

What People Say About Us

‘Quick, efficient and cost effective’ that’s what was needed from our service provider and this is what we received from CCDL, a great company to do business with, keep up Tony and the team! Highly recommend CDDL. I’ve used them for both garden waste and general waste removal and I don’t know what we would have done without them during lockdown.

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We pride ourselves on giving you the best service and advice for your waste, making sure that it doesn’t end up in landfil and saves you money were possible.


Is food waste landfilled ?
What is food waste used for?
Food waste is used to generate electricity.
How is food waste process?
Thru Anaerobic Digestion which is a process through which bacteria break down organic matter.  As the bacteria “work,” they generate biogas. The generated biogas is mostly of methane, and is the primary component of natural gas. the non-methane components are removed so it can be used as an energy source.