Paper and Cardboard Recycling

Paper and Cardboard Recycling

We provide paper and cardboard recycling collection service for many clients. Cardboard prices have fallen through the floor and does not command any value in today’s market, we offer one-off clearances and weekly collections.

Paper and Cardboard Clearance

We offer a very flexible service on all waste collected, if you produce more over a period of time we can react to your requirements, we do not tie any clients into contracts. We offer balers for the compaction of cardboard to reduce waste costs and transport, all the cardboard CDDL handle is 100% recycled.

Our Process

Contact our office who will send you a quote or send in one of our senior waste manager’s.
Agree on the costs and service intervals with the waste manager
Bins are delivered and waste removal commences as agreed between client and CDDL

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We pride ourselves on giving you the best service and advice for your waste, making sure that it doesn’t end up in landfil and saves you money were possible.


Is cardboard recycled?
Cardboard is 100% recycled, it is one of those materials that is fully recyclable and can be made back into cardboard. Other paper products, such as magazines, newspapers, brochures and all be processed and turned into cardboard. One of the main issues that can affect the recycling is if the cardboard is badly contaminated with food, this is then not recyclable. Cardboard is a world traded commodity and is processed in the UK as well as around the world.
Will I get paid for my cardboard?
Cardboard is a waste to most companies that end up with it through what they do as a business, as with all other waste streams it cost money to dispose of cardboard as a waste stream, the companies that produce a certain amount and can store this tonnage on site before collection can be paid for their cardboard. Companies that are paid for cardboard produce anything from 3 tonnes per week upwards.
Does cardboard end up in landfill?
No cardboard does not end up in landfill at all, because cardboard has a value it is always recovered and recycled. Any cardboard that is not recyclable will end up at an Energy From Waste plant where it is used to generate electricity