4 Ways Documents Get Leaked

Confidential leakage in a business, and data breaches in general, can be a serious problem . Unfortunately, there are many familiar patterns that lead to a breach that are easily preventable.

This has led to many common causes behind data leakage. Below, we have assembled four of the most common causes behind a breach in confidential information.

CDDL 4 Common Ways Confidential Documents Get Leaked

1) Data Mishandling
The biggest problem behind confidential leakages, and perhaps the worst, is the mishandling of private information. This is primarily due to data handlers not being as informed about GDPR and data privacy as they should be, resulting in mistakes that could easily have been avoided if they were better trained. An example would be sending out a private email to a wide array of recipients who the email wasn’t intended for.

2) Disgruntled Employees
Sometimes, employees or ex-employees become bitter and would delete or leak data as a way of getting their own back on the business. This is more likely to happen when staff morale is at its lowest. Company’s with lacklustre HR management, therefore, are more likely to suffer from this problem. Another cause would be not limiting access to the data to only a few select individuals in the company. Realistically speaking, it should only be left in the hands of the management.

3) Weak Protection
Another one due to lack of training (as well as general common sense) is to have confidential data poorly protected. Weak passwords is the most recurring issue here. If you do not have a password with at least one capital letter, a few special characters and not your birthday or PIN number. For physical papers, it’s best to keep them locked up in a filing cabinet or in a place that cannot be easily accessed.

4) System Glitches
A system glitch can happen entirely by chance and there isn’t much anyone can do about them. However, that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be measures in place to reduce its effects. For instance, making sure all data is backed up on a cloud or extra server could prevent the data being lost, but putting them in the right folders to begin with might also help.

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