5 Important Documents to keep confidential

When it comes to running a business, there are things which need to be kept confidential to help keep the smooth operation of your enterprise.

There are some documents which would obviously be kept under lock and key but there are a few which may surprise you.

Here is a list of five types of documents that must be confidential.

Customer Lists

Torn paper with word ConfidentialYour customers will not be very appreciative if you give away their sensitive information. Indeed, under GDPR law, they have every right to withdraw their information from you if they so choose.

Hopefully, we don’t have to elaborate on why leaving your customer information lying around is a bad idea. Things just don’t end well.

Financial Accounts/Statements

Another obvious one, all the financial data of your business should be kept confidential, especially if you’re a privately-run business.

You wouldn’t want a competitor getting their hands on your profit margins, for instance, as they could use that to their advantage.

Supplier List

Another trade secret you want to be kept… well, a secret is your list of suppliers. Again, competitors could make use of that information and rob you of your business, which would be a very unideal situation to be in.

The supplier list may even maintain a record of any discount you receive which could comprise both you and the supplier if the information were to fall into the wrong hands.

Employee Contracts

This goes for any contracts you happen to sign, but for employees, their contract contains sensitive information which they entrust you to keep safe.

Again, from the perspective of a competitor, they could use the information to their advantage and this could do nothing less than lose your employees.

Operation Manuals

The way you operate is one of the most important trade secrets of all. It does, after all, contain all the information needed to help the day-to-day running of your business.

If that information is compromised, it could be used against you or, worse, it could be changed and upset the whole process of your operations.

Do you have confidential documents you need disposing of? Check out our ‘What We Do’ page for more details.

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