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5 Paper Shredding Myths Debunked

Document security is imperative. Everyone knows this, yet there is still plenty of misinformation, causing a large increase in security breaches. One aspect of this is paper or document shredding. 

Frankly, too many people are misinformed about shredding, leading to a whole number of myths and misconceptions. 

Here are five of the worst offenders and why you shouldn’t believe them. 

Myth #1: No One Looks Through Rubbish

You’ll be surprised and a little shocked how often people look through rubbish just to take people’s private information. You should never assume your rubbish is safe. Even the most secure bins are at risk. 

Rubbish thieves are everywhere and the best way to prevent them from getting their hands on your private info is to shred your paper to unreadable proportions. That way, you’ll know your personal data is secure. 

Myth #2: Better Kept Than Shredded

We can understand methodical bookkeeping, but the more data you leave lying around, the likelier it is that it will be stolen. Besides, you can still get in trouble for keeping your documents around too long as well as shredding it too soon. 

In GDPR, the law clearly states that any private document needs to be disposed of in a timely fashion, and should not be kept longer than necessary. Failure to comply will result in prosecution and a massive fine of up to £50,000. 

Myth #3: All Shredding Deals With GDPR Compliance 

Simply disposing of your documents via a shredder does not guarantee that your company is GDPR compliant. First, you need proof of your disposal. Second, it must be approved with the full data and time of disposal on the GDPR certificate provided. 

It sounds like a headache and a lot of red tape, but it’s necessary to help protect people’s private information. 

Myth #4: You Can’t Recycle Shredded Paper 

Some time ago this might have been true, but thankfully these days you can have the benefits of both worlds. Proper paper shredding disposal normally involves shipping to a recycling centre to be repurposed into different products for homes and businesses. 

Not only is your private data safe, it protects the environment and conserves our natural resources. At CDDL, we recycle all the waste we produce through document destruction and take our responsibility for the environment very seriously. 

Myth #5: All Shredders Are Alike

It’s easy to believe that paper can only be shredded one way. This is far from true as there are three distinct methods of shredding paper, each with different levels of security and effectiveness. Simply cutting your private information into spaghetti-shaped ribbons, for example, isn’t enough.

To find out how you can properly shred your private documents, visit our contact page and get in touch! 

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