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Should You Shred Your Old Payslips?

Old payslips. They seem to collect like dust. It’s little wonder why so many businesses are going paperless and just sending it to employee email addresses.

For many companies, however, they still choose to go the paper route. Should you, as the employee, keep every slip you get or should you throw it away, or, more specifically, shred?

Reasons For

There are many reasons shredding your old payslips is a good idea. The first is, obviously, that they carry confidential information.

Even if you simply throw the payslips in the bin, it could mean your address, bank account number and any other sensitive data could fall into the wrong hands.

Not to mention that, by shredding, you actually create less waste and protect the environment. Sounds unusual, but it’s true!

Reasons Against

If you’re a meticulous record-keeper, the idea of shredding your old payslips might make you shudder. How are you supposed to keep track of all your ingoings and outgoings?

That’s the one thing shredding payslips does that is a definite drawback – once it’s shredded, it’s never coming back. Record-keeping will then become impossible if you have not got another copy.


While we encourage people to protect themselves against any data breaches, we do recognise why not everyone would want to shred their old payslips.

Our advice would be to keep a second copy somewhere, preferably on your computer in an encrypted file, so that you have a record even if you have to dispose of the paper copy.

We also advise not having anything from more than three months prior. If you want to keep things secure, you should keep the risk at a minimum.

If you do decide to shred your payslips, Confidential Document Destruction can help you with that! Check out what services we do on our What We Do page.

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