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Why GDPR Is So Important for Confidentiality

GDPR is, as of 2019, very well integrated into society by now. Most companies abide by it and it has given people rights over their personal information which is more in accordance to the digital age. 

But why is it so important to confidentiality and how does it improve on what came before? It’s important to explore this question as it sheds light on the importance of data protection overall. 

Protects Privacy

The most obvious reasons for GDPR and its existence in the first place is to increase data protection overall, especially in this day and age of the internet where data breaches are now more commonplace than ever. 

Under GDPR, companies in the UK are now legally obligated to dispose of data which the owner has withdrawn consent from using. This means, if a telemarketing company is asked by a customer to stop using their number to call, the telemarketer then has to take that number of their list. 

Limits Access

Because of this consent rule, this means access to your personal data is therefore limited to fewer individuals and organisations, thereby increasing and improving on confidentiality. It isn’t just the consent part that matters, however. 

If the company needs to dispose of confidential documents in order to maintain security, they are obligated to do so through certain methods in order to do so. For instance, paper shredding is an effective way of maintaining that security and ensuring the protection of data. 

Stored Appropriately

GDPR ensures that all data is stored properly and any company that doesn’t abide by these guidelines is instantly in trouble, hence why so many conglomerates were in trouble after GDPR was introduced as their storage methods left a lot to be desired. 

To sum up, GDPR is important to confidentiality because it limits access to personal data and puts in proper security and storage methods in place to ensure minimised data breaches. 

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