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Staying Compliant


Confidential Document Destruction Limited (CDDL) offer confidential waste collection from clients and archive information from a minimum of five boxes. The confidential waste is then collected and destroyed beyond recognition, and a certification of destruction is given to clients within 48 hours of collection.
CDDL supply consoles for locating in all office environments, ensuring the safe collection of all day-to-day confidential waste produced by all employees of all sized businesses. We also provide ad hoc or scheduled collections of confidential waste by qualified employees of CDDL.

CDDL can destroy all IT waste; hard drives will be wiped clean of any remaining information before they are shredded to below 15mm. Computers can also be shredded, and all the remaining waste will be put back into the recycling chain.

We’re proud to work closely alongside our clients in order to help them produce the required policies and procedures to comply with GDPR. You may have experienced scaremongering regarding GDPR; we can help clients work through the Act whilst helping them to save money, time and letting them carry on with their day-to-day business.

We offer a confidential waste bag service; we can supply between 6 and 20 CDDL bags at any one time which should then be filled with confidential waste. We will then personally collect the bags from you and take them to be shredded.

We have worked in the recycling industry for over 35 years and can offer a vast array of experience in handling all types of waste. We work on a ‘No Landfill Policy’ with our clients and consider ourselves a very innovative business.

CDDL look forward to helping our clients find new routes for their confidential waste whether through recycling or incineration.

Download our CDDL Brochure here

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Confidential Document Destruction Limited

Buttercup Avenue,


Isle of Sheppey,

Kent. ME12 3FX.

01795 874241

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