UPVC Recycling Service

Energy recovery

Collecting UPVC Recycling

We offer a collection service for all waste UPVC recycling, Window and door frames and off cuts.


We Fully Recycle UPVC

UPVC is 100% fully recycled and is processed and turned back into use within the UPVC frames that are refitted to homes and businesses.

UPVC disposal can be a revenue and not a cost.

  • We supply, 12 – 18 yard skips, 20-40 yard roll on roll off bins
  • On collection of the waste UPVC you will receive a waste transfer note, on disposal and invoicing you will receive a copy of the weighbridge ticket for your records and to show the weight and disposal point.
  • CDDL offer a quarterly waste report to show what waste our clients have produce and where it has been disposed of and what it has been used for.

Our Process


Contact CDDL with your waste wood enquiries


We will visit your site to view your UPVC waste to enable them to grade the waste you produce


We will quote and if accepted install the required containers for you to store the waste UPVC in until it is disposed of.

Contact us

We pride ourselves on giving you the best service and advice for your waste, making sure that it doesn’t end up in landfil and saves you money were possible.


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