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As part of a business’ obligations under the new general data protection regulations, companies are now required to know what happens to their confidential waste once it has been taken to be disposed of.

Understanding Document Destruction

Many companies will choose to outsource their document destruction needs to a professional, but it is still important to understand the process the confidential documents will take once they have left your office, building or premises.

Secure Confidential Waste Disposal

Using a secure waste destruction service like CDDL (Confidential Document Destruction), you can be sure your confidential waste is disposed of correctly.

CDDL can offer a full, secure chain for your confidential waste. Regardless of your waste, we have a variety of types and sizes of containers and bags that will be able to hold your confidential waste securely until it reaches our premises. Your confidential waste will be collected by our certified employees in tracked vehicles who will transport it back to our depot ready to be shredded.

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Once your waste has been shredded beyond any recognition, the material will be recycled back into the paper industry to create more paper, cardboard and help the environment.

How CDDL can help with your Confidential Waste Disposal and Destruction

By choosing to dispose of your confidential waste with CDDL, you can opt for a one-off archive collection and destruction. This means we will clear your office or working space of any unwanted clutter and arrange support to help organise your waste and get it ready to be collected by our team.

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Once your confidential documents and waste have been safely destroyed, we will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction and a Waste Transfer Note, enabling you to ensure your business is sticking to the new UK GDPR rules.

If you need help from Confidential Document Destruction Limited to ensure your company is GDPR compliant, you can get in touch with the team today by visiting our contact page, or by giving us a call on 0203 146 0722

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