Silicone Paper Waste Collection in Kent

Do You Have Silicone Backed Paper Waste?

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Silicone Paper Waste Collection in Kent

Do you have Silicone Backed Paper Waste?

Our friendly Waste Management team can help

Silicone Backed Paper Waste disposal in Kent

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Do you have leftover silicone paper, label backing paper, or other papers with sticky surfaces used in things like stickers and ads?

Traditionally, this waste fell under the general waste classification, leading to a significant amounts ending up in landfill. This resulted in high disposal costs due to landfill taxes and increased transport expenses, owing to the volume and frequency of transfers required.

The waste specialists at CDDL Recycling have found better, eco-friendly ways to manage silicone paper waste, aiming to completely eliminate this type of waste ending up in landfill. .

Silicone Paper waste | silicone backed paper waste collection

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CDDL Recycling is a full-service rubbish removal and recycling company, ready to help you with silicone paper waste removal.. 

We serve commercial customers in the Kent area, offering a wide range of commercial waste services, including confidential waste, sanitary waste, general waste and more. 

We also provide clearance services for business spaces. 

We are committed to environmental sustainability and do our best to recycle or reuse all of the waste we collect.

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With over 38 years experience in the waste and recycling industry, CDDL Recycling are well placed to help you solve your waste related problems.

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Silicone Paper Waste FAQ

Got a question about Silicone backed paper waste collection? We've probably answered it below, if not feel free to send us an email.

Silicone paper waste refers to discarded materials like label backing paper, release paper, or wax-coated paper that have silicone coatings on one side. These papers are commonly used in self-adhesive products, labels, and advertising materials.

In many cases, disposing of silicone paper in general business waste isn’t recommended. Silicone paper waste falls under specialised waste due to its composition. The silicone coating can complicate standard recycling processes for paper and may not be suitable for landfill disposal due to environmental concerns.

It’s crucial to consider alternative disposal methods, such as seeking specialized waste management services that handle silicone-backed paper waste. These services often have the expertise and facilities to manage this type of waste responsibly, either through recycling or other environmentally friendly disposal methods.

Before disposing of silicone-backed paper in general business waste, it’s advisable to check local regulations and guidelines regarding its proper disposal. Additionally, consulting with waste management experts can offer insights into the most appropriate and eco-friendly disposal options for this specific type of waste.

Proper management, including recycling or finding alternative disposal methods, reduces environmental harm, minimizes disposal costs, and supports sustainability efforts by promoting a “zero waste to landfill” approach.

Yes, silicone-backed paper waste can be recycled, but it requires specialized processes due to the silicone coating. Recycling methods may involve separating the silicone from the paper, making it a more complex recycling process compared to standard paper recycling.

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