Waste Management saving you money?

How to understand what is meant by Waste Management

Production & Manufacturing Companies

Large production and manufacturing companies can produce a lot of waste which can lead to a high cost for disposal and have a negative impact on the margins that are trying to be achieved on a product is being produced.

Waste Management Company

The management of this waste and more prominent the cost in the handling and disposal of this waste is normally controlled by the Waste Management Company that you engage with to do this on your behalf. 

This blog will be covering the understanding of what the Waste Management Company should be providing. They are the experts in the industry and should be guiding you through the changes within the industry, which can lead to increased recycling rates and more importantly lower costs for your business.

Baled cardboard 1A Revenue Or Cost

Large production and manufacturing companies can produce a large volume and or tonnage of waste from their business, such as cardboard, wood, plastics, food, glass, metals, hazardous waste, green waste and general waste, this list can be endless on the waste stream produced.

The materials being produced as a waste product can be either a cost for disposal to the business or an income to the business.
How would any business know which material would be a cost or revenue?

A Revenue From Your Waste

Waste Management Companies who you engage with should be advising businesses of what they produce and if it is a cost or a revenue for disposal. 

Waste lines produced today can fall into the commodities market, such as cardboard and metals. These commodities can give the business a very welcome revenue stream. But this can be affected by the world commodity market.

Cardboard prices in recent times have gone from revenue of around £140 per tonne down to a negative value due to the supply and demand for cardboard in the world.

Recycling wood wasteReduced Landfills 

The waste industry over the last 15-20 years has and is going through change. These changes are for the better for both businesses and the environment. 

Landfill of waste today is enormously reduced, the technology in the industry has allowed for more materials to be segregated and then 100% recycled. Especially in the plastics market where various grades of plastic can be removed from a co-mingled waste stream and then fetch a very good commodity price to be sold on. 

Waste wood is banned from landfill, it has now become a fuel to produce electricity to be put back into the grid for our own and businesses consumption. 

Wood is fast becoming a commodity and the high prices businesses were and/or are paying for disposal should be drastically reviewed by the Waste Management Company servicing your business.

Demand for this waste

General Waste produced by both businesses and households will, in the next few years, become a commodity as fuel to the incineration business. The cost of disposal must surely come down as more and more plants are built, as they need to be, which then creates a demand for this waste.

The question to be asked is, “Are the Waste Management Company you are engaging with giving you the service, advice and change of service to reflect the changes in the industry” or “are they simply supplying a waste collection service”?

Choosing Your Waste Company

Waste Management for your business, are you receiving the correct advice from the company supplying the service or are you just a number on their client list giving them profit from your waste.

Waste is fast becoming a commodity, metals, plastics, glass, paper and cardboard can be a positive income to your business, or a very small charge.

Waste Management companies are supposed to be the experts in their field, NOT YOU, engage with them today to ensure you are receiving the correct service costs or revenue for the waste streams you produce.

Help and Advice

We have over 35 year’s experience in the industry and loves helping our clients to increase recycling rates save money and ensure they do the right thing by the environment. 

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