What does Pre-cycling mean?

Pre-cycling waste is a form of recycling which involves removing any contaminants from items before placing them in the recycling bin for further processing.

This helps keep recycling bins free from contamination so more materials can be recycled.

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Why do we need to pre-cycle

Contamination of recyclable materials can have a serious impact on the success rate of recycling. Even the smallest amount of unwanted liquid or debris can cause contamination which means that much of the material won’t be recycled and instead will end up in landfill, wasting valuable resources.

for example, if food residue or oil is left on a plastic bottle, it can contaminate the entire batch of recyclables and render them unusable.

Tips for Pre-cycling

Pre-cycling is a simple and effective way to help ensure recyclable materials are clean and uncontaminated. Here are some tips for pre-cycling:

• Remove any labels, packaging or excess material before placing items in the recycling bin.

• Rinse out food containers to remove all residue.

• Wipe down any containers with oil or grease before disposing of them.

• Separate materials and metals from each other to avoid contamination.

• Dispose of hazardous waste, such as batteries and electronics, in the proper way.

Pre-cycling is an important part of the recycling process, and everyone can do their part to help keep our environment clean and healthy. By pre-cycling waste, you can make a real difference to the amount of waste that actually gets through a full recycling process.

How CDDL Recycling can help with recycling

At CDDL Recycling, we are committed to helping our customers reduce their environmental impact by recycling more.

• We can come to your premises and collect any recyclable materials for further processing.

• We have expertly trained staff who can provide advice on how and what you are able to recycle.

• We also provide recycling bins for easy disposal of recyclables.

By working with us, you can be confident that your recycling is done properly and efficiently. Contact us today to find out more about how CDDL Recycling can help you or your business with recycling.

Remember, every action counts when it comes to sustainability, so do your part and start pre-cycling today!

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