CDDL Recycling announces new partnership with heigh Safety Experts, Guardian

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Tony Hughes, Yvonne Hughes, Kim Hughes of CDDL Recycling

CDDL Recycling, a waste management company in Kent is proud to announce its partnership with Guardian, the world’s largest independent height safety brand. The partnership is aimed at strengthening Guardian’s commitment to safeguard the environment by responsibly managing their waste.

Mike Cox, the UK Supply Chain & Procurement Manager at Guardian, emphasised the importance of finding a waste management partner that can handle their diverse product line. This includes webbing, plastics, metals, PC/ABS, cardboard, wood, and general waste. He praised CDDL’s ability to manage all of their waste needs while reducing or reusing virgin materials whenever possible.

It is particularly encouraging that CDDL can handle all our needs.

Mike Cox – Guardian

Tony Hughes, the Managing Director at CDDL, expressed the company’s 100% landfill diversion policy. Stating that everything they touch is donated, recycled, or used for energy recovery. They provide complete transparency to Guardian by providing all supporting certificates and documentation around where and how the items have been recycled. This partnership is a positive step towards reducing environmental impacts.

We have a 100% landfill diversion policy – everything we touch is donated, recycled or used for energy recovery. 

Tony hughes – CDDL

Guardian is proud that this partnership will benefit its end-to-end supply chain and align with their key customer partner goals. For instance, many of Guardian’s products are rented out for fleet rental in the UK rental channel. Guardian can support changeovers with the fleet and ensure that retired products are fully recycled, and the materials will be reused. This circular approach installed at Guardian with CDDL, who are also local to Kent, is a great example of how they simplify height safety for themselves and their key partners.

Waste management | CDDL Recycling

Peter Styth, Guardian’s International Head of Sales & Services, highlighted the importance of innovation in finding new ideas and partnerships that solve problems and help improve the environment.

Rosie Webb, Guardian’s Head of Rental, Lifting & Customer Service, is pleased that the partnership allows them to offer transparency to their customer base.

Most of Guardian’s product range is designed, tested, and made in the UK, and it is wonderful to see this circular approach installed at Guardian with CDDL.

How to partner with CDDL for your Waste Management needs?

If this article has inspired you to work with the incredible team at CDDL and implement a more efficient waste management system for your business, then get in touch here to get started.

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