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Waste Balers – How can they streamline your waste?

If you’re struggling with managing your paper and cardboard waste, consider investing in a waste baler as an efficient solution. Not only is a baling machine ideal for managing cardboard and paper waste, but it can also bale other materials such as plastic, metal, and textile waste. With the ability to process multiple materials, you can benefit from a more comprehensive waste management solution that covers various types of waste.

But what is a baling machine?

Read the full article where we’ll discuss what it is, what they can bale, and why you need one for your business. 

What is a Waste Baler?

A waste baler (or a compactor) is a specialised piece of equipment used to compress materials, such as cardboard or paper, into bales for easy transportation, storage, and recycling. Baling machines come in different sizes, from small ones that can fit into a garage to large industrial ones used in recycling plants.

Baled Plastic | Plastic Waste

How do they work?

The baling process begins by feeding the cardboard or paper into the machine. The waste baler then uses a hydraulic press to compress the material, reducing its volume and increasing its density. Once the material has been compacted, it is tied or wrapped in wire or plastic straps to form a bale.

Why Invest in a Waste baler?

Investing in a baling machine is an excellent decision for businesses that generate a large amount of cardboard or paper waste. By compacting the materials into bales, businesses can significantly reduce the space required for waste storage and transport. 

Additionally, using a baling machine helps businesses save money on waste hauling costs and generates revenue from the sale of baled materials. The environmental benefits of using a baling machine are also significant, as it promotes recycling and reduces landfill waste.

Investing not an option?

If investing in a baling machine is not an option for your business, you may want to consider partnering with a waste management company that provides baling services. Many waste management companies offer baling services to help businesses manage their cardboard and paper waste more efficiently. 

By outsourcing this service, you can enjoy the benefits of baling without the upfront investment. Additionally, partnering with a waste management company can provide access to their expertise and knowledge, ensuring that you’re disposing of your waste in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way possible.

Baled Cardboard Waste

How CDDL can help Bale your waste

CDDL Recycling is a leading waste management company that can help businesses with baling waste. 

We provide comprehensive baling services on site for cardboard and paper waste, allowing businesses to manage their waste more efficiently and cost-effectively. Additionally, our services cover the compacting of Akyboard waste.  So if your business is looking for a way to reduce costs, reduce waste and improve your sustainability, then contact the team today.

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