Paper Waste: Everything you need to know

Even in our digital age, you would be hard pushed to find a business that isn’t creating some sort of paper waste. Most of us still rely on paper in some way to run our businesses and as such we have a responsibility to make sure that paper waste is disposed of responsibly.

In the UK,business owners have a responsibility to ensure that any used paper is safely and securely disposed of and recycled. While recycling paper can help reduce the amount of waste, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before putting it in your recycle bin.

How much paper is used in the UK?

Th UK uses an unbelievable 9 million tonnes of paper annually! That’s enough to fill Wembley Stadium more than 1,500 times! Of this, approximately 5.5 million tonnes are recycled – that’s 62% of all the paper used. Therefore, we must make a more conscious effort to recycle at home, at school, or at work.

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How to recycle paper at home?

To do your bit and help here are a few simple things you can do to ensure that your paper is recycled correctly:

Removing metal

When disposing of paper you should remove any staples, clips, or other metal before recycling it. The paper must also be clean and dry.


If you have important documents that you no longer need but still include private information, make sure you shred the paper first. Shredding paper is an excellent way of recycling this material, as you can use the remnants for composting, packaging, and many other useful purposes.

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Using a Waste Management Service

However, if you have a lot of paper to recycle, it may be worth hiring a waste management team to schedule a confidential waste removal service. By hiring a team of professionals you can guarantee that your paper will be responsibly recycled and won’t contribute to dangerous landfill, or be illegally fly-tipped.

How to recycle paper for businesses

You can be assured that your business is meeting all standards for waste management by contracting with a reputable company. If your business already has a contract with a waste management company, then your paper waste will be discarded into the appropriate bins, and this waste will be collected by a licensed carrier. This is then transported safely to a specialist recycling centre.

Once the paper has been deposited, it will be separated and cleaned. The cleaning process is crucial as it will remove any ink, glue, or staples. This allows for the paper to be recycled and repurposed efficiently.

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Paper Waste management

There are multiple benefits to the environment from paper recycling. We can provide your business with paper bins and recycling services, to improve your waste and recycling management system.

What types of paper can be recycled?

At CDDL Recycling we are committed to providing you with the best recycling experience possible. We can take care of all your paper needs, big or small. Here is a list of paper materials that we can dispose of:

  • White and coloured paper
  • Envelopes
  • Booklets
  • Manuals
  • Soft-covered books
  • Post-It notes
  • Adding machine tape
  • Receipts
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Flyers

Paper Waste Collection

With CDDL Recycling’s confidential waste service, all paper is deposited into bins that can be scheduled or arranged for a one-off collection. This promotes an environmentally friendly solution and ensures your data will always stay in safe hands with secure document destruction.

It’s more important than ever to think about how we can reduce the impact that excessive waste has on our environment. If you are not currently managing your commercial waste or business waste, contact us today and learn more about which service would be best suited to your organisation.

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