The Akyboard Recycling System Explained

Plastic waste has become a global menace, and CDDL Recycling is taking a proactive stance to combat this issue, specifically in the domain of Aky print, bubble board, and correx materials. Aky board, widely used in the plastics, protection, and print industry, poses environmental challenges due to its non-biodegradable nature.

CDDL Recycling, in collaboration with an innovative partner, has introduced a Closed Loop Recycling system to address this concern.

In this article, we will explain our closed-loop recycling system and how this is making a positive impact on our reduce, reuse, and recycle values.

Ackyboard waste

Aky Board Recycling Journey

Step 1 Collection and Processing:

We, at CDDL Recycling, begin by gathering contaminated, used, or dirty Aky print materials. These materials are then baled for efficient handling. Subsequently, the bales undergo a guillotine process, reducing them to around one foot in length.

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Step 2 Shredding and Cleaning:

The shredded Aky print then undergoes a meticulous cleaning process, eliminating contaminants and achieving an acceptable level of cleanliness. This essential step ensures the removal of impurities and sets the stage for further processing.


Step 3 Extrusion and Pelletization:

Post-cleaning, the Aky print is extruded, with any remaining waste meticulously removed. The material is then pelletized, creating high-quality pellets ready for the next stage of the recycling process.


Step 4 Manufacturing New Sheets:

The pellets are reintroduced into the manufacturing line to produce fresh sheets of Aky print, correx, or bubble board. This closed-loop approach emphasizes sustainability and circular material production.

CDDLS closed loop solution for akyboard recycling

Quality Assurance

Throughout the recycling process, stringent testing and performance analysis are conducted to guarantee the recycled products meet industry specifications. CDDL Recycling is committed to delivering environmentally friendly alternatives without compromising on performance.

A Total Waste Management Solution for Aky print, bubble board and correx

aky board - samples - aky board recycling in kent

Emphasizing our dedication to the environment, CDDL Recycling offers a straightforward Total Waste Management Solution designed specifically for businesses using Aky board, bubble board, and correx materials. Working alongside our innovative Closed Loop Recycling system, this comprehensive approach simplifies waste management, making sustainability easier for companies to achieve.

Why Choose CDDL for Your Waste Management

Free Waste Audit:

We collaborate closely with businesses to conduct a comprehensive waste audit, analysing all waste streams, storage methods, disposal practices, and record-keeping.

Based on the waste audit findings, CDDL Recycling provides businesses with a tailored solution, ensuring optimal waste management practices that align with their specific needs.


Choosing CDDL Recycling means entrusting all waste management needs to us. Businesses benefit from having a dedicated account manager, ensuring a seamless and compliant waste management process.

Regulatory Compliance and Documentation:

CDDL Recycling guarantees adherence to all relevant legislation, maintaining a thorough audit trail, and providing all necessary documentation.

By integrating innovative recycling processes with a comprehensive waste management solution, we empower businesses to focus on their core operations while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Want to find out more about our closed-loop Aky board system?

CDDL Recycling invites you to a future where waste management is not a burden but a catalyst for positive change. Contact us today and witness how our Total Waste Management Solution, coupled with Closed Loop Recycling, can propel your business toward a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

Together, let’s redefine the way we approach waste, and shape a greener tomorrow.

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