Domestic Confidential Waste Disposal and Paper Shredding

Let us dispose of your
domestic confidential waste securely

Let us dispose of your
domestic confidential waste securely

Domestic Confidential Waste Disposal and Paper Shredding

Let us dispose of your
domestic confidential waste properly

Paper Shredding & Domestic Confidential Waste Disposal Kent

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This service includes; With our secure document destruction, your data is collected and handled & recycled with the utmost care. We can shred all paper documents including old payslips and bank statements.

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Hardrive Destruction

Complete destruction and recycling. Information can be accessed from computers and hard drives no matter how old they are. This way your private information stays private.

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Speciality Shredding

This service covers and includes; Destruction of Passports, Driving licenses, USB drives, memory cards & credit/debit cards. If sensitive waste isn't dealt with correctly, it can have dangerous repercussions.

Domestic Confidential Paper shredding Management

Every day we accumulate a variety of confidential materials – old documents, used hard drives and forgotten USBS, all holding sensitive data. Whether it’s bills, old payslips or personal letters, it’s best to leave it to the professionals when it comes to disposing of it. 

Correct disposal of sensitive waste has never been more important than it is today, in the wrong hands this data can lead to fraudulent activity. There is also the minefield of legislation and compliance. If you don’t dispose of your sensitive waste correctly you can be fined.

That’s where CDDL Recycling comes in. As a licensed waste carrier, we can provide you with bins, containers, consoles & bags for the safe storage & collection of your confidential waste.

Confidential Waste in box files | Paper Shredding service

Our 3 Step Process

We can deliver and collect hessian sacks or your current archive boxes for large amounts of domestic confidential waste. Alternatively, we can collect your waste in plastic black sacks. 

We will empty consoles, collect bags, archive boxes, hardware or speciality waste. This can be scheduled depending on your needs or provided as and when your bins are close to full. Waste transfer notes are provided on collection.

Your domestic confidential waste is securely transported to a facility in which it is destroyed, in line with all legislation & GDPR requirements, and then is fully recycled. For your peace of mind, you are provided with a certificate of destruction within 48hrs of collection.

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Domestic Confidential waste collection near me?

Whatever your domestic confidential waste management requirements CDDL will provide a reliable, efficient, and professional service in Kent. Our main office is located in Sheerness making us ideally placed to serve our customers across the county. 

Confidential Waste Disposal In Kent Articles

Paper Shredding & Domestic Confidential Waste Disposal FAQ

Got a question about Domestic Confidential Waste Disposal? We've probably answered it below, if not feel free to send us an email.
Domestic confidential waste is any documents or IT information that allows you to recognise an individual. This could include pay slips, bank statements, and old identification cards such as passports, driving licenses, or other ID cards. 
Yes it is. 100% of the paper is recycled.
Yes, you will be prosecuted if you do not handle your confidential waste correctly and you will receive a fine of up to 4% of annual turnover for the business.

We cover all of Kent including: Canterbury, Maidstone, Ashford, Sheerness,Thanet & more.

Yes you can easily dispose of your IT waste with CDDL, we can dispose of computers, tablets & phones. Hard drives are wiped clean and then shredded to below 15mm.

At CDDL Recycling our shredding services cover USBs and Hard drives as well as any paper documents that you need to dispose of. 

No, we have helped many private individuals dispose of their private paperwork and old computers, hard drives etc. We offer a confidential waste bag service, bags are supplied to businesses or home businesses from 6 – 20 bags at any one time, these bags are then filled with confidential documents, the bags are then collected and taken to the shredders for destruction.