Glass Recycling – How it helps the environment

Glass recycling is becoming an increasingly popular way to help reduce the negative impacts of waste on our environment. Reusing and recycling glass materials can help conserve energy and natural resources, while also extending the life of existing glass products instead of having them end up in landfills. In this blog, we will explore how glass recycling helps the environment and why it is important. 

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Is all Glass recyclable?

Many types of glass can be recycled including clear, coloured, plate, window, and specialty glasses. Clear glass is the most common type of recycled glass and is usually used to make new containers such as jars and bottles. Coloured glass is often used to create decorative pieces such as vases, lamps, and paperweights. 

Which types of Glass can be recycled?

Some glass products are 100% recyclable with no loss in quality or purity once the material has been melted down and processed. This means that each bottle or jar can be recycled multiple times without any degradation in quality. 

This helps to reduce the need for new extraction of raw materials like sand, soda ash, limestone, dolomite, and feldspar which are all used to manufacture new glass containers. The reduction in new glass production results in fewer emissions being released from furnaces resulting in a cleaner atmosphere. 

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Which types of glass cannot be recycled?

Some types of glass cannot be recycled due to their melting points or other factors. These include dishes and cookware made from Pyrex or tempered glass, light bulbs, ceramics, and window panes. Additionally, plastic-coated or laminated glass such as windshields and shower doors are not recyclable either since the process would damage the material’s structural integrity.

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Glass Recycling – How is it done?

Recycling plate glass involves cutting out individual pieces of flat material which can then be melted down for reuse in other projects. Window glass accesses a particular melting point so it must be separated from other materials before being processed.

Glass Recycling at home

By recycling glass, we don’t have to throw it away which contributes to the problem of over-consumption. Instead of disposing of glass jars or bottles, they can be repurposed for other household uses. For example, old mason jars can be used to store food, craft supplies, or even homemade potpourri.

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Furthermore, empty wine bottles can easily be transformed into unique candle holders or vases with a few simple tools. Reusing glass is not only good for the environment but it’s also an excellent way to get creative and add a unique touch to any home decor!

Glass recycling helps the environment

In addition to reducing emissions associated with producing new glass, recycling can help divert valuable materials from ending up as landfill waste which takes much longer to decompose than other types of trash. 

Separating different components such as glass bottles before reaching landfills significantly reduces the amount of time needed for their decomposition while helping preserve local ecosystems. 

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As more people become aware of the positive impacts that come with using a glass recycling service, it will become even easier for us to greatly reduce our environmental footprint by minimising unnecessary emissions into our atmosphere as well as preserving scarce resources for future generations to enjoy.

Why use CDDL Recycling for glass recycling?

Using a reliable and responsible glass collection service is one-way individuals can make an impact on our environment by embracing green living practices while helping preserve natural resources at the same time. 

By selecting a reputable service provider you’ll know that your waste will be handled responsibly while still maintaining high standards for safety and quality control. 

How CDDL can help

If your home or business, requires a glass collection and recycling service, get in touch with CDDL today to see how our friendly team can help you do your part to protect the environment. For more helpful advice on how to maximise your recycling opportunities, check out our other blogs here.