Household and Business Waste Clearances.

If you are a household or business owner looking to have waste removed by a Kent waste management company, please read the following.

Disposing of waste doesn’t have to be complicated but If your waste is not handled in the correct manner you can receive a financial fine and this can also lead to damage to your reputation.

If your waste is fly-tipped and it can be proven it was waste you produced, then whether you dumped the rubbish or not, you are held responsible, even if you had it taken away by someone you thought would handle it correctly!

Here’s what you should look out for when having your waste removed.

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Is the waste management company a Licence Holder?

Any waste management company that you use for clearing any type of waste from your property should have a waste carriers licence. What I would also add to this is you should use a company that has a landline phone number, has a sign-written van and issues your paperwork that is in the company’s name, this gives you the confidence you are dealing with a reputable company.

What happens with Disposal?

Any company that takes away your waste must be able to provide evidence of where your waste is disposed of, this should be in the form of weighbridge tickets from the location the waste was tipped.

Hazardous Waste

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Fridges and freezers are classed as Hazardous Waste, these can not end up in the scrap system, and they are a cost to dispose of, if these are left outside of properties and are taken away it is more than likely the black fridge motor of the back will be removed and the unit will be fly tipped. The fridge motor has value and can be sold as scrap but the unit can not.

Paying for disposal of your waste.

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The average cost for disposal of waste from households is £140 per tonne. If you have an amount of waste and you are given a price that you think is very cheap then you should take care the waste is not fly-tipped. A reputable waste company has to pay for disposal and also pay for employees, insurance, fuel, and taxes, therefor has to charge a fair price when handling and disposing of your waste.

So there you have it, if you stay aware of all of the above you can be sure that your waste is removed and disposed of responsibly and in an environmentally friendly way.

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