3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Property Clearance Company 

Having a property on your books that needs to be cleared of all waste so it can be re-sold / re-let can be stressful. You may also have extra pressures from clients who need to work to very tight deadlines. With so many commercial clearance companies to choose from, it is hard to know who to trust.

Many of our customers have struggled with finding a company that will swiftly clear a property leaving it clean and tidy. 

Here, we have put together three key considerations when choosing a property clearance company.

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1. Service

When you are looking for a property clearance company, it is important to consider the service they offer. This includes things like dates and costs., the condition of the property and how much flexibility they offer.

Dates and Cost

Have the company offered to provide a free quote? Will there be any hidden/extra charges? Within reason, all property clearance companies should visit the property so they can provide an accurate quote before commencing the clearance, which includes disposal of everything with “no hidden extras”. It is also important to agree on a date on which the property clearance can start and when it needs to be finished, you do not need the extra stress when a company does not complete when agreed. 

Property Condition

Most property clearance companies will clear the property, but will all of them make sure everything is left clean and tidy? Will they take care of any pest control? These are all things that need to be considered when choosing a company to work with, and what their service includes. If the property needs to be re-let / re-sold it needs to be left in the best possible condition. 


You may not always be able to or have the time to meet the company at the property. Are they prepared to collect keys from an office and return them once finished? If family members of the property need access to collect belongings, are they willing to accommodate their requests? 

2. Disposal

When considering different property clearance companies, you will also need to think about how they dispose of the waste. This includes things like a landfill, donations and recycling.

Landfill / Donated / Recycled

Not all property clearance companies are equal. Make sure you ask where the items of furniture etc. will end up when disposed of. Are they going straight to landfill? Will anything be recycled or donated?

Choosing a company that is environmentally conscious means that you are doing your best to reduce the threat of global warming and climate change. Also, your clients may not be happy if they become aware their family member’s possessions have been dumped. 

3. Professionalism


Find out how long the company have been completing property clearances and what type of properties they have cleared. It is very likely the more experienced a clearance company is, the more likely they will provide an accurate quote and timeframe.


You can see how reputable a company is and gain an understanding of how its customers view them by looking over its website, reading reviews on social media and looking at testimonials provided. Does the company have signed vehicles?

Does their workforce wear uniforms?

This is important because they are representing you, so need to look professional and trustworthy, especially when meeting members of the public.

Are they insured / licensed

All property clearance companies should have insurance and the appropriate licenses in place to complete the work. This protects you from any potential issues which could occur on your property, as well as ensures all waste is disposed of correctly.

It is important to only work with a fully insured, licensed waste carrier company, as it provides you with assurance, they will be adhering to all legal requirements. You will not need to worry that items will be fly tipped, and you have peace of mind that you are protected against any accidents.

Trust Does the company feel trustworthy

This may be hard to establish at the beginning however testimonials may be useful here. The company will have unsupervised access to a property, they will need to handle keys in a secure manner, and ensure the property is locked up correctly. You need to trust the company you are partnering with to hand in any valuables or important documents they find. 

Not choosing the right clearance company to work with, could have potential consequences.

Loss of Money

The clearance will not be completed on the date agreed, resulting in the property being unable to be re-let / re-sold for a long period of time.


The property is left unclean and messy; this will delay the property being placed back on the market

Reputational Damage

An unlicensed company fly-tips the contents of the property, resulting in a fine from the council. By following the tips, we have shared in this download, you will have the peace of mind of knowing you have partnered with a trustworthy company, thus avoiding any potential consequences.

Working with CDDL for your property clearance

CDDL can help with all property clearance and we always work to the highest standards. We have a wealth of experience and our services are competitively priced. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please get in touch with our team today.

What types of property can we clear?

We have a lot of experience when it comes to clearing all types of properties. We have worked on behalf of landlords, estate agents, homeowners, and businesses. We can clear:

  • Offices – Removing electric equipment, furniture and confidential waste
  • Shops – all waste removed, including textiles, fittings and electrical equipment
  • Factories & Warehouses – Full factory & warehouse clearances
  • Houses & Flats – Domestic dwellings cleared of all waste, carpets, furniture & more!

What items can we clear?

Our team can clear all types of items from your property, including:

  • Furniture
  • Carpets
  • Clothes
  • White goods
  • Shop fittings
  • general rubbish and waste
  • Confidential waste

CDDL always work with the environment in mind, and wherever possible, we will recycle items instead of sending them to landfill.

Talk to us about how we can take the weight off your shoulders by clearing the property for you.

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