Do you know whats in your loft and do you really need it?

Do you have a loft full of 25 year+ of stuff you have saved?
Do you know what is in your loft?
Are you physically capable of climbing in your loft today to see what you put up there 25 years ago?
Are you capable of bending under the wooden beams and walking on the wooden rafters taking care to not put your foot through the ceiling or touch the fiber glass lagging?

Loft Clearance

Would you like the contents of your loft brought down to enable you to review the items being stored? Are you looking for a reputable company that will come in, gain safe access to your loft, remove all items being stored, and dispose of any items that you no longer want to hold on to?

Case study

We were asked by a lady of senior years if we could empty her loft for her. She was thinking of moving in the near future and knew she had a lot of stuff she needed to get rid of.

Two of our team members attended her home. There was a loft ladder in place so our two guys removed the stuff from the loft, being very careful not to damage any items or property in the house.

Over the next 2 hours all the items were removed from the loft, the owner could then review what she had been keeping in storage. She kept a hold of around 4 items and the rest of the items were taken away by CDDL Recycling.

There was a full van load, including items such as an old stereo with tapes, 3 /4 bags of cuddly toys that were over 20 years old, bags of children’s clothing that were over 20 years old, heaters, photos, TV’s, Xmas wrapping paper, wallpaper and many more items that were no longer required. Most lofts we have attended have very similar contents and over 90% of the items in the loft are usually disposed of.

If you would like a reputable, professional company to come, unload your loft and dispose of items that you no longer require then please get in touch. We are a 100% landfill diversion company and look to recycle or enable energy recovery through all items we dispose of.

Find out more information on our Loft clearance service

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