Green Waste Shed Dismantle & Removal

Green waste removal

CDDL attended a property in Sittingbourne recently, to clear about 1 tonne bags of green waste, approximately 10 of them. Whilst on site the owner of the property enquired if we removed sheds from gardens, which of course we said yes.

Shed dismantle and removal

The shed had been in their garden for more than the 30 years they had lived there, the shed was about 50% full of waste, on enquiring how long the stuff had been in the shed the owner stated the previous owners had left some of the stuff in the shed, so well over 30 years.

Using the wood for energy recovery

Once we had removed all the waste from the shed, we then removed the roof and then the sides, the waste completely filled one of our very large VW Crafter LW base vans. The wood from the removal was taken to an energy recovery plant which burn wood to create power and the remaining waste was recycled.

Any waste rubbish removal

CDDL carryout many kinds of waste removal, if you are looking to have waste removed please give us a call, we will welcome the opportunity to visit your premises and quote the removal, whether you are a domestic, industrial or commercial client we are happy to help.

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