Contracts for waste service providers

Waste Service providers

We have recently had contact with a company that had started up a business in the last 3 months, we were discussing their waste requirements, they currently had an 1100 bin in place for general waste with a waste service provider.

Finding out about you

During the conversation, I was amazed at the price they were paying, and I also found out the service was through a waste broker, not by the owner of the bin.
On further discussion, I also found out that the broker had signed them up for a 2-year deal, with a clause in the contract that if notice was not given 2 months before the anniversary of the contract it would roll over for another 2 years.

No communication from their waste service provider

The client had been emailing and phoning the broker to discuss the service but with no reply, to 4 emails and 6 phone calls. The collection of the waste had also been missed on 2 occasions, again no response from the broker.

Here at CDDL Recycling, we put in a service that suits the clients’ requirements, can be altered as the business changes and grows and we DO NOT tie any of our clients into any contracts, it is our belief that our clients stay with us because they want to not because they have to.

Making changes

Take a look at our Total Waste Management (TWM) Service, were we work with you to assess your waste needs and provide you with a waste management that serves you. Learn more here

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