Lots of Confidential Waste? Here’s How We Can Help

For many businesses, confidential waste can be an issue. How are you to dispose of all that sensitive information in a responsible way?

Everybody knows screwing up pieces of paper and carelessly throwing them in a nearby bin is not the safest way to keep your data private. After all, you wouldn’t throw a credit card away without cutting it up first!

At CDDL, here’s how we can help protect your confidential information while we dispose of it safely and securely. 


One of the services we provide is a full, comprehensive audit of your business where we take a look at your current disposal practices. By thoroughly assessing your protocols against current data protection regulations, including the stringent GDPR guidelines, we ascertain whether your confidential waste management is both responsible and compliant. By maintaining a strict confidential waste policy, you’ll be taking preventative steps to avoid any future data breaches. 

Confidential waste disposal | Paper shredding


At CDDL, we prioritise the utmost security for your confidential disposals. Our specialised containment bags are designed to minimise risks, ensuring your documents stay protected. Our dedicated team, travelling in tracked vehicles, ensures safe transport of your sensitive materials. Once at our facility, we transform your confidential waste into unrecognisable shreds, guaranteeing your peace of mind.


For those concerned for the environment, fear not! Once all that confidential waste is shredded, it’s taken to a recycling plant and put back into the industry as new paper and cardboard. In choosing CDDL for your paper shredding and confidential waste disposal, you’re not just securing your sensitive information but also contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for our industry and our planet. 

confidential waste

WEEE Waste Collection

In addition to paper shredding and confidential waste disposal, CDDL adept handles the disposal of electronic equipment or WEEE Waste, including computer hardware. It’s important to remember that your Hard drives and USBs could potentially store forgotten confidential waste. Firstly, they are wiped to ensure no trace of data remains. Then, they are mechanically shredded to below 20mm pieces.

hard drive

We are committed to discarding digital footprints with the same fervour as we do with printed data. And for your assurance and records, upon completion, we provide a certificate of destruction. 

How can CDDL Help with Paper shredding and Confidential Waste

Do you need confidential documents to be destroyed? Get in touch with us and get a quote for your collection today. 

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