How to prevent having your waste fly tipped

If you have waste that’s has been generated at your home or business premises it is your responsibility to have it disposed of correctly and lawfully.

How do you prevent it being fly tipped and you receiving a fine, embarrassment of your case spread across social media and a possible criminal record.

Here are a few tips to help prevent your waste being fly tipped.

  • The contractor engaged with to take your waste, are they using sign written vehicles, displaying there company name and phone number
  • Do they have a landline number as well as a mobile
  • Do they operate from an office that you can visit and check they are a lawful company
  • Can you look at their social media platform, do they have many recommendations, are there any bad reports about them
  • Are they registered on companies house
  • Are they really a metal collection business that take some waste
  • Can they prove what happens to the waste and where the final destination is for the waste
  • If you receive a quotation that is far lower than other quotes and it seem to be an unbelievable price, then it is and it may be fly tipped
  • Do they supply a descriptive Waste Transfer Note, stating there name and address on the WTN for traceability

If any of the above can not be answered be very careful your waste is not fly tipped.

To ensure your rubbish is removed and taken to the right places and helps the environment contact us for a quote to get your rubbish removed by our trusted team call us on:0203146 0722, email us with a picture or learn more about our rubbish removal service here.

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