Wood Waste Tonnages On The Rise

Rise in the amount of wood

As a recycling business based in the South East we have seen a dramatic rise in the amount of wood we are removing from both domestic and industrial clients. The waste wood we are handling from domestic clients range from fences, sheds, decking and furniture, we are collecting up to 10 sheds per week, many fence panels and lots of furniture.

Sent to biomas plants for power generation

As a business we send all of our wood to Biomass plants to be used for fuel to generate electricity for the community, this is becoming more and more difficult due to the tonnages across the UK that are being generated and the capacity of Biomass plants in the UK. The export market for this wood has also been extremely slow due to the warmer winter we have just experienced and less wood being burnt in Europe for both power and heat.

Both industrial and domestic clients want the waste wood they produce used in the power generation industry and not landfilled.

The questions being asked across the industry are:

What are the government doing to help the waste industry when planning applications are submitted for Biomass plants to be built?

Is there a long term strategy across the industry to handle the amount of waste wood that is produced across the UK?

Will waste wood one day become a commodity as a fuel into the Biomass plants to generate electricity to go into the grid? this is surely where the plants make there profits and the wood becomes a fuel.

We love to hear your thoughts? please comment below.

Wood waste collection

We off a number of ways to collect and dispose of your wood waste. 

All wood waste collected by us is used for the manufacturing of electricity which is then feed back into the national grid.

If you need help with your wood waste, please find out more here.