Top Security Tips for Confidential Documents

Handling confidential documents in your business can be tricky. You have all that sensitive information to deal with and you’re afraid of a breach of confidentiality. More than that, you feel it your duty to keep that information safe.

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Fear not! If you stick to these five steps to keeping all sensitive data under lock and key, then you should have no problems with security over your confidential documents.

Lock All Your Cabinets

Sounds obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many businesses don’t take this simple step! Any loose papers and files which contain sensitive data must go into a locked cabinet. That way no peeping Tom can snoop among your customer and employee’s information.

There are several kinds of cabinets you can buy that had locks built into them, but if you don’t have one a simple padlock will do. Just remember not to leave the code lying around…

Limit Access

Locking your cabinets is one kind of access limitation but in the digital workplace, where all your documents are accessible via many computer screens, that can be a whole other issue.

To prevent everybody being able to open sensitive and confidential documents, make sure you set up a secure network with password access. To further limit the number of peering eyes, only hand this password to one or two trusted individuals.

If it’s for your own sake then, of course, tell nobody your password! Not even a close friend.

Use A Shredder For Your Confidential Documents

Need to dispose of a bank statement? Shred it! Cutting up bits of paper is fine but time-consuming and you may not do an efficient enough job of it. Always invest in a shredder as you could save time and add extra layers of security.

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After all, a potential thief will have a much harder time re-assembling extremely thin bits of paper than just rifling through your bin.

Deliver via Trusted Courier

Understandably, sensitive and confidential documents may have to travel from time-to-time. This can pose several concerns regarding security risks.

Our best advice here is to always check your courier service before you send documents. Make sure they are a trusted delivery service that will deliver your documents safely and on time.

Train Your Employees

Finally, it’s always important to train your employees on handling sensitive information. It may not be a big part of their job but it’s always better to be safe and sorry.

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It would also be a good idea to put it down in their contract that their own information will be handled with care.

How can CDDL Manage your Confidential Waste?

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