What metals can my business recycle?

Recycling metals offers a sustainable solution to minimise waste and preserve natural resources. In today’s economy, recycling has become an integral component of eco-friendly practices. As a business owner looking to initiate or enhance your metal recycling program, it is crucial to have knowledge of which metals are recyclable and the appropriate methods for recycling them. 

In this article, we will examine the metals that your business can recycle and provide guidance on how to accomplish this task.

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Metals that Can be Recycled

Many metals can be recycled, including:


Aluminium is a highly recyclable metal, and its widespread use is due to its exceptional durability. It can be melted and reused without compromising its quality- making it a valuable resource for recycling. Aluminium products come in various forms, including cans, foil, and even car parts, among others. 

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Copper is a precious metal that finds application in electrical wiring, plumbing, and numerous other fields. Recycling is an effective way to utilise copper, as it is a highly recyclable metal.

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Brass is a metal alloy that contains copper and zinc. It is popularly used in plumbing fixtures, musical instruments, and decorative items. The process of recycling brass involves separating the brass from other materials to ensure a quality end product.


Steel is an incredibly versatile metal that is frequently recycled due to its crucial role in the construction and manufacturing industries. From appliances to car parts and building materials, steel products are omnipresent and recyclable.

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Lead is a heavy metal that finds application in batteries and electronic devices. Though it is known for its harmful effects on health and the environment, it can be recycled. The recycling of lead-acid batteries is a great example of the recovery process, and lead can also be recovered from other sources such as electronic waste.

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Nickel is a fascinating metal that is utilised in a diverse range of products, including stainless steel, batteries, and electronics. With electronic waste continuing to increase, the recovery of nickel from such waste has become a pressing issue. Fortunately, recycling processes can help recover nickel from electronic waste, and batteries that contain nickel are also recyclable.

How to recycle metals for your business

Recycling metal products is achievable through various methods, which include:

Curbside recycling

Many councils provide curbside recycling programs that allow businesses to recycle metal products. To participate in the program, it is essential to inquire from the local waste management agency regarding the materials they accept and how to get involved.

Scrap metal dealers

Scrap metal dealers are businesses that specialise in buying and selling scrap metal. You can sell scrap metal to these dealers, who will then recycle the metal for you.

Metal recycling companies

Metal recycling companies are experts in collecting, processing, and recycling metal products. They may provide pickup services or have drop-off locations where businesses can dispose of their metal waste.

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Manufacturer recycling programs

Some manufacturers offer recycling programs for their products. For example, automobile manufacturers can provide programs to recycle old car parts, while electronics manufacturers can offer programs to recycle old electronics.

Why recycle metal waste from your business?

Recycling metals is an effective way for businesses to reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and support sustainable practices. By recycling metals such as aluminium, steel, copper, etc businesses can make a significant contribution to environmental protection. 

Whether through curbside recycling programs, or, metal recycling companies, there are many options available for businesses to recycle their metal waste. 

By implementing a metal recycling program, your business can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and contribute to a healthier planet.

How CDDL Recycling can help you recycle your metal waste

At CDDL we believe in recycling as much waste as possible. So whether you’re having a clear out or renovating a property, let our team of experts handle your waste. Together we can help to create a greener environment. For more information on our metal waste services visit here. Or if you’d like to speak to a member of the team get in touch here.

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