Plastic boarding Waste Collection in Kent

Let us Recycle your Akyboard, Bubbleboard & Polpropylene

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Plastic Boarding Waste Collection in Kent

Let us Recycle your Akyboard, Bubbleboard & Polpropylene

Commercial Plastics Recycling In Kent

We specialise in the collection and recycling of various plastic materials, including Akyboard, Bubbleboard, and Polypropylene. These materials are commonly used in a variety of industries, and we’re here to ensure they are recycled and repurposed in an environmentally-friendly manner.

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CDDLS closed loop solution for akyboard recycling

Complete ClosedLoop Recycling Solution

During 2021 and 2022 CDDL Recycling have handled
almost 400 tonnes of aky board.

During this time developments in the plastic recycling
industry have been phenomenal and CDDL Recycling
are pleased to have found a partner whom have
developed a ClosedLoop solution to the aky print /
bubble board / correx market.

CDDL Recycling are committed to gathering, baling
and feeding these materials into a route whereby they
are fully recycled and re-manufactured back.

plastic boarding waste collection in Kent | commercial waste collection in Kent

Have Plastic boarding waste?

We provide efficient and reliable collection services for Akyboard, Bubbleboard, and Polypropylene waste. Our team will pick up these materials from your location in Kent and transport them to our recycling facilities.

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Have Plasterboard waste?

Plasterboard Waste collection is a professional waste removal service. At CDDL we can remove all your renovation waste, quickly and efficiently. To find out more about our plasterboard waste collections click here

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We can collect:

Plasterboard Waste Collection | CDDL Recycling

Plasterboard Offcut Waste

Plasterboard Waste Collection | CDDL Recycling

New Plasterboard Waste

Used Plasterboard Waste Collection | CDDL Recycling

Used Plasterboard Waste

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Akyboard collection near me?

CDDL Recycling is a full-service rubbish removal and waste collection company in kent 

We serve both residential and commercial customers in the area from our base in Sheerness.  We offer a wide range of services, including Plastic waste removal, office clearance, and commercial waste disposal. We are committed to environmental sustainability and do our best to recycle or reuse all of the waste we collect.

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With over 38 years experience in the waste and recycling industry, CDDL Recycling are well placed to help you solve your waste related problems.

Sustainable waste solutions for domestic households and businesses across Kent

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